Effortlessly Balance Hormones & Lose Weight: Ditching the Things That Don't Work

Weight Loss Solutions For Women Over 40


Why you're struggling to lose weight leaving you feeling unhappy with the way you look and impacting your self confidence?

Why the diets and gym programs don't seem to make a difference?

Why you even bother as 'nothing works’ and it's making you feel disillusioned not knowing where to start or how to fix it.

How can you not only get on top of your weight gain but also fix the hot flushes, headaches, upset tummies and energy issues that come with menopause

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for women over 40

What you might not realise is that achieving a healthy weight and balancing your hormones after 40 is not only possible but can be seamlessly integrated into your busy lifestyle. Within just a week, your body can begin its transformation, shedding excess weight and boosting energy levels, setting you on the path to optimal metabolic health.

Picture yourself reaching your weight loss goals and bidding farewell to related health concerns in as little as 4 weeks. More crucially, you'll be reclaiming your overall well-being, the cornerstone of a fulfilling life. By abandoning outdated methods and embracing new, effective strategies, you'll discover a straightforward approach that, once mastered, will serve you for years to come.

An Easy Solution To Stop Uncontrollable Weight Gain, Tackle Menopausal Symptoms, Regain Health, Confidence, and Time—No Gym Needed.

I'm an Naturopath (and middle aged mother) helping women to lose weight by giving them an easy and fast solution they can do from home.

After decades of treating women of all ages with their health, I discovered that 90% of my business was women of middle age struggling with weight gain. This coincided with my own hormonal weight gain in my late 30's despite eating healthy and exercising at the gym every day. This journey took me 8 yrs of trial and error to finally solve. My weight is now better than in my 30's and I work even less on it than I did back then.

What makes my process different from everyone else is that it's not just a diet or an exercise course that anyone can find on the shelf, my solution is about fixing the foundation for metabolic drivers in the microbiome first to trigger long term fat adaption in our age group. 
Adopting these series of steps from the comfort of your own home, along with my 1:1 support and coaching, the results are amazingly fast, long lasting and easy to implement.

Because let’s be real: listening to 20 year old “influencer” advice is using 'young' peoples tricks on an 'mature aged” person’s body. We're not that age anymore... but luckily there are great solutions that work and I can show you how!

Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Yoga Teacher + Beach Addict

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