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"Plant Alchemy is the ancient art of creating remedies using alchemical principles to transform the body, the spirit, and the soul"

she cried
"Help My Hormones..."

and that is what I did. My passion is about helping women live a hormonally happy life. Let's face it... we have a long journey from puberty to Menopause and I am that friend that keeps you on a rock solid foundation.

I created two amazing courses to tackle our biggest cry's for help when approaching Menopause ...
Our Weight!

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Clinic Locations

CoHabitat (Kirra Beach)
Shop 2, Nirvana By The Sea, 1 Douglas St, Kirra Beach, QLD 4225
Mondays 12:30-4:00pm

Pickford Chiropractic (Mt Warren Park)
2 Rochester Drive, Mt Warren Park, QLD 4207
Wednesdays 10:30-2:30pm

Zoom / Phone Consults
Tues + Thursdays 10:30-1:30
0413 514 702