Naturopath, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher, Aromatherapist, Beyond Quantum healer...

hey there...I'm Carly

I've a few hats that I wear, but that's because I'm mad about all areas of healing and just want to be the best I can be for myself, my family and my clients.

After 25+ yrs of learning and healing my own Thyroid condition, I created my signature 'Metabolic Alchemy' courses that blends, Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Gut Healing, Meditation and more so that you can learn how to lose weight and keep it off the right way. It's tried and tested by hundreds of my clients and I fully live and breathe my lessons everyday.

Oh... I also created in my spare time (hahah), a Chakra product line which has Organic Body Oils, Lotions and Herbal tea's! - Check them out here...

You may have figured out I'm a 'jack-of-all-trades' when it comes to health.
Did I mention I'm no ordinary Naturopath? 

Are you ready to find out how I did this?

This isn't my first rodeo.
As I head into my mid-life point, you can bet that if it's selling weight loss, I have tried it (natural options that is).
Having struggled with hacking my own weight up's and down's, including finally getting diagnosed Hypothyroid (that's a longer story)... There literally has been $$$ spent on thing's that has worked, not worked and was down right on the wrong track. 

As I turned 40 I started to recognise the weight kept coming on despite flogging myself at gym 7 days a week, doing triathlons, eating clean and more.... all I got was endless injuries and no real change to my figure. I even turned to Yoga and became a Yoga teacher, going through a gruelling 5 weeks in 90% humidity (Thailand), eating vegetarian, not a drop of alcohol and I didn't even budge a bit... Grrr!

Until I was seriously injured and actually stopped (for 2 weeks) I realised I had all the tools, I just had not put them all together correctly for my age. So... I did, and BOY, things changed very quickly

'The Body Does Not Quick Fix, It Fixes Right'.

Using simple, and stress free (at home) solutions to help with weight loss that will not take you away from your work or your family.


you're in luck

At Inner Alchemy, our mission is to empower women of all ages to unlock the secrets of their metabolism with a blend of science, wisdom, and a touch of magic.
We believe that understanding your body shouldn't be a riddle, but rather a journey of transformation.
Our commitment to simplicity is our alchemical recipe – turning complex metabolism into an art accessible to every woman. With Alchemy, age is not a barrier; it's a testament to the enduring power within. 

When I ask my client's what their goals are when it comes to weight loss - they are all saying the same thing.
"I'd like to feel comfortable and maintain a size 10 again"...(plus various things along these lines).

When asked what their biggest struggles are, again a very similar response.
"Not knowing what to eat or do to maintain weight loss - nothing seems to work". 

And finally when questioned why this is important to them, they always also say.
"So I can feel confident and healthy again in my body".

my journey

Having launched Metabolic Alchemy late in 2023 with so much success, I'm now dedicated FT to coaching clients how to transform their weight for life



Moved from Melbourne to the Gold Coast. I developed my own Chakra Balancing product range of Body Oils, Lotions and Herbal tea's. This complemented the Metabolic Alchemy roadmap I had just begun to develop.

Sea Change


Having come back to Naturopathy and begun my struggle to lose weight, I embarked on a journey into Yoga and became a teacher. This is where it all changed.

The Realisation


There was a period where I left Naturopathy and had a go at corporate life. I thought that money was more important. I was sooo wrong. The one thing that I did benefit from this time was learning how to run a business.

The Corporate


Welcome to the world of healing people 30yrs older that you and you've never experienced any medical issues yet in your life.

The Naturopath


That key moment in your life when Natural Therapies was all Woo Woo hippie stuff. Lots of incense and no deodorant.

The Student


take a peak inside my LIFE

Inner Alchemy is to return to original source, from ‘Body’ back to ‘Spirit’. It is both a science and spiritual path. 

A healthy body leads to a happy spirit; a happy spirit allows for greater abundance.

Based on Daoism

Meet Roxy – the cutest puppy ever. Inbox manager and my go-to snuggle buddy. You'll find her most days hogging the limelight and floor under my desk and demanding treats 

Partner in crime

Book by Krishna Dharma

The greatest spiritual epic of all time

Currently Reading
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My family.
Husband Sean and Daughter Maddison. They bring me the most happiness (most of the time hahahah)

Greatest Love

The body does not quick fix, it fixes right

my mantra


Welcome friend! Pull up a seat and stay for awhile. Dream bigger. Do bigger.

Hello. I'm Carly.