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It sure will... in fact it will also work on men (most hubby's lose weight with their wife's on the course). We individually tailor the meal plans to the person based on their age and sex. The way we apply the methodology is the same but can be tweaked according to the persons work /life situations and physical limitations too! We have modifications that suit all poeple.

Will the Metabolic Alchemy methodology suit any age and fitness?

No not at all... this methodology was in fact designed to take the gym out of the equation. The exercise module can be done from your home with little equipment. Just you and 20 minutes 3 x a week is all that is required.

I have no time to go to the gym, will this impact my ability to do the course?

Shift work is super stressful on the body and metabolism, so I know just how challenging this can be to fit into your schedule. I suggest those with this type of work arrangement actually opt for the Metabolic Connexion option which is self paced (DIY). You still get all the structure with the option to bolt on coaching when you would like help, but at least you can take the course more slowly according to your availability. 

I work shift work hours so I'm worried this course is not the right one for me.

Actually No.... you can jump on and off at any step. All the foundation is taught in Step 1: Stop Uncontrollable Weight Gain, and this is where you get the secret process we layer to trigger fat adaption. You can stay on this step yourself after the 4 weeks or move to Step 2: Transform Weight For Life where we take your fat adaption and weight loss to new heights.

Do I have to do all 3 steps in Metabolic Alchemy to get results?

I believe you can lose weight just using diet alone, as often I see diets people are on that are highly processed or out of balance calorie and macro wise. Long term diet alone might not get you to your goal weight as it's the process inside the methodology that is more than just diet that gets us into fat adaption. 

Will I lose weight just following the meal plan - Metabolic Magic?



‘I found this course to be the best I have ever done. I love the whole program, it's so easy to follow. Nothing to improve ’

This 4 phase solution helps women over 40 Stop Uncontrollable Weight Gain in 4 weeks by fixing the foundation first so that you can lose weight for life without putting it back on.

Right now, you're struggling to lose weight which shows up in your life as feeling unhappy with the way you look and impacts your self confidence.

You've tried diets and gyms before but it doesn't seem to make a difference. And so you
keep telling yourself ‘why even bother nothing works’ and it's making you feel disillusioned not knowing where to start.

But what you don't know is that you can lose weight when you’re over 40, that is easy and fits into your busy life.

Within 4 weeks, your body has lost weight and increased its energy, shifting you into a highly functioning metabolic healthy women!

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"The Body Does Not Quick Fix, It Fixes Right".

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