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success stories

all our successes come from the metabolic alchemy STEPS in our packages

With our methodology, success is defined by sustainable changes that empower you to maintain your results and feel confident in your own skin. It's not just about losing weight; it's about discovering a vibrant, healthier you with a easy to control outcome - it's a way of living!

Success means more than just shedding kgs. It's about transforming your relationship with food, gaining lasting energy, and embracing a healthier, balanced lifestyle.

video testimonials

Alumni of all 3 steps in Metabolic Alchemy

LOST a total of 10kgs to date...

lost a total of 15kgs to date...

Meegan - Aged 44
 lost 16 kgs to date

"I've found this course to be the best I've ever done. It's so easy to follow"

Alumni of all 3 steps in Metabolic Alchemy


Tara (47) - Lost 5.4kgs in 4 weeks

"Don't put off starting your journey to feeling better and more energised. This program embeds healthy lifestyle choices that will last."

the results are in

“This was a very thorough and comprehensive course. Carly has you covered on every angle, from stress management, to diet, to exercise, to weight loss, to supplements and everything in between. I really appreciated the weekly checkins, they kept me accountable and on track.”

5kgs in 4 weeks

10kgs in 10 weeks!

"I'm fitting into my jeans again...they are even compfy"

14 kgs in 4 months

..."If you're sitting on the fence, just do it. You won't regret it!"

I saw and felt immediate results after day 1!
 This is so much more than a weight loss program, its a lifestyle change that feels amazing!


"To all the mature ladies out there.....don't despair, there is hope and help.
At 55 years of age, and experiencing all the symptoms that come with menopause...weight gain, poor sleep, hot flushes, poor concentration, stress and tanked out energy levels; I thought that was just how my life was going to be.
Then I found Carly! What a blessing! I am now 7kgs lighter, I sleep well, my energy and concentration levels are great and I cope with stress so much better than I ever did.!"



"Carly from Inner Alchemy is thoughtful, knowledgeable and best of all, really listens. She has a direct, realistic approach which I have needed and loved applying to mine and my family’s lifestyle. We are all healthier because of Carly’s direction.
If you’re on the fence, just book a consultation and see for yourself! You won’t regret it.


"Carly Gallagher is authentic, professional, passionate & dedicated. Carly is my go to Naturopath. When I visited with Carly she left no stone uncovered. She knows her stuff. She goes above & beyond & worked with my Doctor to really advocate for me. I really appreciate her intuitive insight & genuine support to heal. She is so welcoming & kind so you always feel so supported. Your the best!



Welcome friend! Pull up a seat and stay for awhile. Dream bigger. Do bigger.

Hello. I'm Carly.