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We have solutions that suit all types of women and all types of family needs.

You don't have to be a chef or worry about generic meal plans that you worry you will not like. We take out all the food you do not like , plus all the inflammatory foods you should avoid - leaving you will awesome meals the whole family will love.

meal plans desiGned to you!

Imagine NOT having to feel like you're on a diet to lose weight!

No tasteless foods. No missing out. Just satisfying, yummy calorie & macro counted for you meal plans that will have you slimming down whilst  living life.

Find your very own happy tummy for just $250

Tailored to you approach where we ask you all about your weight loss goals to set your calories + macro's just right.

We also check who else you're cooking for so we can set the serving sizes to feed the family or just you - we're all about simplicity.

We take out all the inflammatory foods that prevent weight loss (gluten, dairy, sugar etc), plus any food allergies or intolerances specific to you.

4 weeks of meal plan, recipes, shopping lists all in a PDF to you inbox!

Choose this package and score more than just a BFF. Our Metabolic Magic meal plan includes:

Whilst the food (meal plan) is only a fraction of the full Metabolic Alchemy solution to stopping weight gain at our age, it is a key element to the overall approach of the methodology we use for health and metabolism.

Often when we decide to lose weight we go to a diet approach you find whilst searching social media or just down right starve yourself.

In my opinion, most diets out there for weight loss just teach you how to calorie sacrifice, whilst leaving all the junk food in. Lower calories and higher inflammatory foods only result in weight coming back on when you stop or weight not budging at all.

Reset your metabolism through diet alone.

Here is where you get access to the Metabolic Alchemy 4 week meal plans to solve what to eat and not eat in order to lose weight.

Metabolic Magic


old paradyms




Myth: Calorie restriction will make me lose weight

Truth:  true, initially it might, but when we calorie sacrifice for too long we switch our body into fight flight (stress). When we are stressed our metabolism turns off. Not to mention all the nutrients you're losing by not eating enough.


Let’s tackle a few weight loss myths together, shall we?

Myth: Over-exercising will help me lose weight

Truth:  maybe it will get you fitter, but eventually your body ends up in stress. We're more likely to get injuries, which increase inflammation, which increase stress, which turns off metabolism. If you're not aiming to be a body builder or a marathon runner - then those types of exercise only end up zapping our bodies 

Myth: Choosing Ozempic or other medication will keep weight off

Truth:  sure, mostly they work the way they should, but long term all they're only deteriorating the health of your body. These are quick fixes, that don't result in long term health or happiness.

Myth: Blame it on genetics because nothing will help my weight

Truth:  ok boo hoo... this is such a cop out. Firstly I have a thyroid condition, proving that it can be done. Secondly, nothing is stopping your body from adopting a healthier more fat adapted approach - often you just need to be shown how.

My Metabolic Alchemy solution works for anyone, with any health condition - blasting those myths out the water.

Don't fall for the same old weight loss stratagies that do not work for women over aged 40.

42YO client was told she was pre-diabetic - she came to me and lost 10kgs in 4 weeks

"I've never lost as much weight as I've lost being on your plan"

LISA - LOST 4kgs in 4 weeks whilst on a boat

"I think it was great an easy. Meal Plans were very helpful too...."

I'm an Naturopath (and middle aged mother) helping women to lose weight by giving them an easy and fast solution they can do from home.

After decades of treating women of all ages with their health, I discovered that 90% of my business was women of middle age struggling with weight gain. This coincided with my own hormonal weight gain in my late 30's despite eating healthy and exercising at the gym every day. This journey took me 8 yrs of trial and error to finally solve. My weight is now better than in my 30's and I work even less on it than I did back then.

What makes my process different from everyone else is that it's not just a diet or an exercise course that anyone can find on the shelf, my solution is about fixing the foundation for metabolic drivers in the microbiome first to trigger long term fat adaption in our age group. 
Adopting these series of steps from the comfort of your own home, along with my 1:1 support and coaching, the results are amazingly fast, long lasting and easy to implement.

Because let’s be real: listening to 20 year old “influencer” advice is using 'young' peoples tricks on an 'mature aged” person’s body. We're not that age anymore... but luckily there are great solutions that work and I can show you how!

Naturopath, Aromatherapist, Yoga Teacher + Beach Addict

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